Spear and Chunk Machine

Taking your hand processing to the next labor-saving level!


Healix Semi-Automatic Pineapple “spear and chunk” or “spear only” Machine (Item #1000)

(see the amazing video below)

  • Air Requirements: Clean, Dry, and Compressed @ 75-85PSI and 10-15CFM
  • All E-Zcut II™ Semi-Auto Spear and Chunk parts are replaceable
  • Footprint of 26”x 24”x 60” tall
  • Stainless steel construction (304 Grade)
  • Plastic tote catches pineapple spears and chunks
  • All plastics are virgin HDPE
  • Machine weighs 80 lbs
  • Sanitation Assurance™ (SA)
  • All materials intended for direct food contact are NSF accepted or FDA certified

Watch a short video of the Healix Pineapple Spear and Chunk Machine in action at real time speed!

6 peeled-cored pineapples speared and chunked in 26 seconds.

That is 12 a minute or 720 pines an hour.